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Product Designer, UX Designer

Hi  👋🏽, I’m Anil Nair


I design and build experiences that make people's life simple

This is me

Skilled in UX/UI design, rapid prototyping, and agile methodologies. Always on the lookout for challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Been part of FinTech and Healthcare startups building consumer and enterprise products for India and SEA.

Product Design User Experience Design
Interaction Design  Product Strategy 
Design Sales

Building a Teen Bank for India

Building Reporting Dashboard for the Microbiome Test

Branding & Website for AgroTech Startup

USDC Payments Acceptance & Loyalty Platform

Works & 


Worked on some of the coolest and finest products in Fintech, Healthcare, and Agritech. Had fun building them along with some of the great teams and experts.

I co-create products which effect the masses

I have a strong passion for design thinking and user-centered design. I believe in the power of design to solve complex problems and create meaningful experiences for users. In my current role, I am responsible for the end-to-end design process, from conducting user research and creating wireframes to designing user interfaces and testing prototypes.

I am a big believer in the power of collaboration and believe that the best designs are created through the collaboration of different perspectives and expertise. I love working with cross-functional teams and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the city, attending design meetups, and reading about the latest trends in design and technology. I am also a big fan of traveling and love exploring new cultures and places.

Articles &


If you like what you see, and have something exciting, would be happy to talk to you.


The Creator and The Creation

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