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Product Designer, UX Designer

Hi  👋🏽, I’m Anil Nair

Professional Summary

A marker, a doer! A self-taught designer with a passion for products and experiences. Believes in "Learn by doing". Been part of FinTech and Healthcare startups building consumer and enterprise products for India and SEA.

As someone has said, "You don't chose your profession, profession chooses you." , similar was my story. I came to design after being around the designers for three years. I learned about my passion for design being in a sales role. Later, with designers friends spent my days trying to build a design studio for over a year, before finally landing on my current role as a product designer.  My knowledge as a designer is all through "learn by doing" and continue to do the same. 

Currently working with one of the FinTech companies in Bengaluru, trying to build products which make a difference in the way we live.

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UX Design    Functional Design    UI Design    Prototyping    Wireframing   User Research    User Persona Mapping    User Journey Mapping 

Interaction Design   User Testing 

Work Experience

(Sep 2019 - Feb 2023)

Product Designer, FinTech Startup

Designed enterprise and consumer financial products for India and South East Asia revolving around credit and personal finance. Launched the first social + fintech product for GenZ.

(Sept 2018 - Sept 2019)

Partner - Customer Success, Southern Design

The first entrepreneurial journey; my primary role was to drive sales and UX design. Worked on 4 projects, shipping 3 of them especially in Healthcare, Retail and Blockchain.  

(Feb 2018 - Dec 2018)

Sales Analyst - Products & UX Solutions,  Hashworks

Primarily maintaining the sales pipeline for UX and Paketo, a DevOps automation Product. Was responsible for internal website projects and content creation for the  Design Arm.

(Aug 2017 - Jan 2018)

Programme Manager, TechHub Bangalore

Building programmes beneficial for the startup community and managing partnerships with the ecosystem enablers. Running programs and events for Google for Entrepreneurs(India).

(Aug 2016 - Jul 2017)

Operations Manager, NUMA Bangalore

Building the brand and setting up the operation processes. Building the startup community. Coordinating with Corporate Innovation and Accelerator vertical to obtain the set goals.

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Skills & Experiences

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