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Case Studies & Works

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Neo Banking for GenZ 

The Yodaa app lets you split bills with friends, send and request payments, set up savings plans, and learn about personal finance.

Worked on the app and website as a product designer targeting GenZ. Yodaa focuses on building the community of 25 million smart teens across India and SEA.

Web3 Payment and Loyalty Infrastructure

BizFirst enables E-commerce merchants and individual business owners to receive USDC payments on Solana blockchain. It also allows merchants to mint custom Discount NFTs to their customers. 


Built the app and website, giving the brand identity to the product and brand tone, was involved from ideation to taking it live.

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Designing a Crypto wallet you truly Deserve

Greenlyfe supplies its retailers and other clients with a dependable, responsible and consistent supply of produce around the year. 

Helped to build the brand and website. The website was targeted to the investors and B2B customers. 

Digital reports for Asia's first microbiome gut test

BugSpeaks is the only microbiome gut test focused on South-East Asia and India. A microbiome test helps you to understand your body internally. Worked with the parent company Leucine Rich Bio, one of the leading healthcare startups in India to create the brand identity and the customer-facing digital dashboard.



The Creator and The Creation

0.5 ETH

CyberPunk Night

0.40 SOL

Product Designer, UX Designer

Hi  👋🏽, I’m Anil Nair

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