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A better tomorrow.

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Global issues of 2030- A huge topic and now is the time we talk about it.

If you see the tree structure you will realize that each issue is interrelated to each other in more than one possible way. The rising globalization and climatic changes are the root causes. It’s time to build solutions revolving around these problems. Catering protein-rich food on the plates is as important as educating the next generation.

Population aging and lack of skilled labor are not just an economic threat but also a social issue. The rise of new health issues, be it genetic or non-genetic, is a major concern with increasing numbers of various diseases like AIDS, Ebola, etc. A proper data management system and solving the environmental and social issues are as important as the need for early-stage detection and proper medication to keep these diseases in control.

The pollution levels in the air, water and soil are affecting mankind in the most dangerous ways. In the past few years, organic farming has seen a boom but it still cannot assure us chemical-free vegetables on our plates, thanks to chemicals in the water and the soil used.

The next global issue I want to put some light on is the energy scarcity in natural resources and the increase in non-renewable energy. Most of these energy problems can be solved by just making effective changes in logistics, agriculture, transportation, and many more sectors.

One of the major issues faced by Indian Businesses is government regulations. There is a need for the government to broaden its approach to address these issues. Some of these problems exist only because the governing bodies have failed to forecast these problems in the past and even after getting hit hard by the problem, they never took the necessary steps to find the solutions.

With today’s trending technology. The world is stepping into a phase beyond Human imagination and this calls for a change in the perspective of investors. In recent years, investments have happened in last-mile delivery startups, eCommerce startups, and many more. But the startups who are trying to create an impact are struggling, even fail sometimes, to get investments as the investors aim to make fast money for early exits.

The Problems are bigger, the solutions naturally will be complex. This is not something that can be fixed overnight but over a period of consistent time. All that’s required now is for humans to stand up for humanity and drive through it and work with passion.

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